Where Has Cory Booker Been?

Cory Booker (Brad Barket/Getty Images)
Cory Booker (Brad Barket/Getty Images)

Cory Booker has more than 1.3 million followers on Twitter. That's impressive by any measure, but when you consider Newark, N.J., the city of which he is mayor, has a population a quarter of that size, you understand why he is known by many as America's Mayor. Booker, even in the world of politics, is loud. He not only wants to be heard; he figures out how more people can hear him, which is why there has to be a good reason his spotlight was rather dim during the month of April.


As Buzzfeed reports, Booker has been keeping a low profile for the last month in preparation for a race to be U.S. senator. "If you haven't heard much about Cory Booker lately, it's no accident," writes Ruby Cramer. The article goes on to say:

During last year's presidential campaign, Booker was a prominent surrogate for President Barack Obama. He was also a regular fixture on CNN and MSNBC, where he continued to appear even after Election Day, first to promote his "SNAP Challenge" in December — when Booker lived for a week on meals provided by a food stamp budget — and later to address speculation over whether he would run for governor or Senate. But since then, Booker has been largely absent from network and cable news shows. He gave six television news interviews in December, five in January, four in February, three in March — and in April, Booker did not appear on a single television news program, sticking instead to his monthly radio interview on WBGO's "Newark Today" show.

His recent public appearances, too, have not been the kinds that make news among the political class. In the last month, Booker's events have ranged from local outings in Newark — a press conference for the city's gun-buyback program, or an exhibit opening at the Newark Museum — to social media–themed conferences and panels, where Booker is asked by tech-industry moderators to discuss his digital media company, Waywire, and only sometimes answer a question or two about his Senate campaign.

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