‘Where Are the Babies, Mitch?’ Protesters Confront Mitch ‘Turtle Head’ McConnell Outside Restaurant

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Unlike Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was able to enjoy his meal of Hungarian goulash and sautéed bat wings before Louisville, Ky., protesters began barking, “Where are the babies, Mitch”?!


According to CNN, McConnell had just downed soup made of calf innards when he was walking through the parking lot. (Fine, I don’t know what McConnell actually ate, but what do you imagine Republicans eating?) You can hear the protesters chanting, “Vote you out!” and “Abolish ICE!” to the Kentucky senator. There is one man, who might be my favorite protesters in the history of protesters, who can be heard yelling “Turtle Head!” I don’t approve of this same man yelling, “We know where you live” as that sounds threatening, but I get his point.

Turtle Head didn’t speak to the protesters, probably because he had bubble guts since bat wings can be hell on your small intestines, and he and his two dining companions hopped into their parked vehicle and cried. Fine, they didn’t cry but I imagine that they did something. Maybe they killed a puppy and tossed his lifeless body out of the window. I’m spitballing here but what do Republicans do for fun?

The Washington Post notes that this was the second time that protesters harassed McConnell about Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy that separated migrant children from their parents, which left this administration unable to reconnect nearly 2,000 children with their families.

In June, McConnell and his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, were leaving an event at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., when they were confronted by protesters.

What McConnell didn’t know when he was dining Saturday (because he’s oblivious to the outside world), was that he choose a restaurant that was just a few miles away from a protest that was happening outside Louisville’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office, CNN reports. When protesters learned that Turtle Head was eating just a few miles away, protesters broke off to go confront him.

“If the leader comments on being called a fascist and a supporter of ICE by a small handful of extremist protesters, then I will let you know,” McConnell’s spokesman, David Popp, told the Post.

CNN notes that the protesters wanted McConnell to explain his support for the Trump administration’s border policies, despite the fact that McConnell supports keeping migrant families together.


“Where are the children?” one protester asked McConnell. “Where are the babies, Mitch?” another said, according to CNN.

The Democratic Socialists of Louisville told the Post that while a few of their members were in the group of protesters who confronted McConnell outside the restaurant, they don’t know the dude who called him Turtle Head and added that he knows where the senator lives.


“This person is not a DSA member, nor do we know who he is or what he meant by that statement,” the chapter wrote in an email to the Post. “We believe it is a reference to peacefully protesting in front of McConnell’s house, which is a regular occurrence in Louisville. However, we cannot speak more to the comment because it did not come from our organization or our members.”

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