When Russia Wants to Prove the US President Isn’t a Liar, It’s Time to Break Up

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Matt Dunham/Getty Images)
Russian President Vladimir Putin (Matt Dunham/Getty Images)

It’s a sad day for America when the Russian president is willing to provide transcripts of the conversation between the president of the United States and Russian officials in order to prove that the U.S. president isn’t lying.


On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he would be willing to provide Congress with a record of his play cousin Vladimir TrumPutin’s meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, the Washington Post reports.

But make no mistake about it: Because Putin is full of games and treachery, he added that the request for said documents, which he’s probably having some lackey doctor, will be released only if the Trump administration asks for them. This whole thing feels like a bad joke.

Russia not only tampered in our election, but now we’re supposed to believe that they’re going to provide us with actual factual transcripts from a meeting Putin requested? That’s right—Putin asked Trump during their phone call to meet with his officials during their U.S. visit, and because Trump knows that Russia has photos of him naked with Russian prostitutes, he, of course, said, “Sure!”

I think Congress has to admit that the time has come—for many of us the time has passed, but this is a Republican Congress, so it takes them a little longer to catch up—to take a long, hard look at how ridiculous we look globally. Currently, one European country is hesitant to share information with the U.S. for fear that the president will share it with the Russians.

Well, I hope you’re happy, racist America, because this is what happens when a racist part of America can’t stand the fact that a black man president-ed all over this country like a boss. So we got a new president who is so drenched in Russian sauce, his entire presidency has been mired in scandal, and he’s been in office for fewer than 150 days!

Of course the Kremlin is denying that Trump did anything wrong, but believing Russia is like believing that Suge Knight doesn’t know anything about Tupac’s death or that Phaedra Parks really is a respectable lawyer or that a Kardashian, any Kardashian, has a soul. Let’s keep hearing what the Kremlin has to say about American politics because that makes sense in this bizarro, upside-down administration.


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Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


Why would anyone think that it would be a good idea for Russia to release the transcripts? Do we not have our own transcripts to release? This is so damning. If there was ever any doubt that Russia was interfering with our government, this is now solidifies the fact that Russia is interfering with our government. Also, who would ever believe or take seriously anything coming out of Russia? Putin and his cronies are not our allies and have never been.

Where is Chaffetz and his subpoena pen? Where is Harold “Trey” Gowdy and his fucking hearings? Where is McConnell and his no-neck-having ass? Where is Ryan and his mopey-face? Where is Pence and his “Flynn never told me” shtick?