When Dabbing Goes Wrong: Lawmaker’s Son Gets Punished for Dabbing in Photo

Cal, the teen son of Rep. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), caught dabbing on ’em
CNN Screenshot
Cal, the teen son of Rep. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), caught dabbing on ’em
CNN Screenshot

Somehow, all of this, this great big dabbing debacle, is all Cam Newton's fault.

That's because the reigning NFL MVP made dabbing a thing for white kids all across the country by making this his end zone dance. Truthfully, I just don't like the fact that Newton has declared "All Lives Matter," and I will find a reason to make everything his fault. So, thanks again, Newton, for President-elect Donald Trump.

Anyway, I digress. In the vein of "What are those?!" viralness, the new thing among the kids is to dab at inappropriate times or to encourage someone to reach for your hand, only to dab on that person.

The teen son of one of the newest members of Congress, Rep. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), tried it Tuesday when posing for a photo with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and while holding the Bible, nonetheless. Cal raised his elbow to get his proper dab on, but because he isn't genetically predisposed to smooth dance moves, he looked mad awkward, causing Ryan to ask if he was OK.


"You all right?" Ryan asked the goofy teen, Fox News reports. "You want to put your hand down?"

"OK, OK, I'm sorry," Cal giggled.

"Were you going to sneeze? Is that it?" Ryan asked.

"He’s sneezing," Marshall said.

Ryan, still confused by what had taken place, slapped the prankster on the back and told him not to worry about it.

After someone on his staff probably Googled "sneezelike dance move," Ryan tweeted:


But Cal's dad had the final laugh:


Read more at Fox News.

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