When Cops Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine, Hilarity Ensues

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Screenshot: @jappoffjones (Twitter)

For as much as a lot of cops spend their time looking to harass innocent citizens, we are always wishing we could see what happens when they are on the other side of that equation.


Well, friends, that time has come. A video posted to Twitter on Sunday shows two police officers being unwillingly interrogated by an unseen person holding a camera as they attempt to mind their own business. (I know, shocker!)

“Detective Mike Jardene” and a “Deputy Henderson” face an onslaught of questions from the cameraperson, who wants to know things like what is Det. Jardene doing and whether or not he drinks on the job.

The resulting video is funny AF, and we got a good laugh out of it in The Root’s work Slack.

Particularly funny is the way Det. Jardene seems taken aback by the questions but continues to answer them. When the cameraperson asks him if he is drunk, for a fleeting moment he looks shook and caught.

When Jardene tries to enlist the support of Henderson to get the cameraperson off his back, Henderson is then subjected to the same line of questioning—with which he complies.

The chef’s kiss is when the cameraperson tells them both to get their asses back in their office and tells them to not look back at him again.



Of course, we should note that only a 6F would get away with this.

As a wise Twitter user pointed out in the subsequent comments, if a black person did this, they would be dead; no questions asked.


Yes, only a person of a certain hue would get that much benefit of the doubt and be allowed to harass the police for that long without things escalating.


Still, it’s a funny video, and we want y’all to enjoy it.

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Those cops walked away so they were obviously guilty.