What If Caylee Anthony Had Been Black? And More

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Images of Sudan on the eve of the country's division: New York-based freelance photographer Tim McKulka's We'll Make Our Homes Here is the first book to include photography from all 25 Sudanese states. Thanks to South Sudan's decision in January to secede on July 9, it will also be the last. Foreign Policy has collected some of the images of Africa's largest country at a historic moment.

What if Caylee Anthony had been black? Would you even know her name? The Washington Post's Keith L. Alexander says maybe not, pointing to several young black victims many have never heard of. But while race and class played a role in media coverage, there were other reasons that Caylee became a household name, he argues.

Carol's Daughter founder on the secrets to her success: Madamenoir caught up with Lisa Price in New Orleans and talked with her about her advice to female entrepreneurs and, of course, her new products. Price also defends what's been called the "diverse crew of high-yella faces" who now represent the brand.  


NFL lockout deal looks possible: Owners and players are hammering out an agreement that would end their four-month-old labor dispute in the coming days — it's a move that would save the upcoming football season and put the $9.4 billion business back on track, the Wall Street Journal reports.

In other news: Why We'll Never See a Postracial America.

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