What Hate Looks Like: Man Shoots Ex-Girlfriend in Back of Head Outside Her Workplace

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A man is in custody after allegedly shooting his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his children, in the back of the head outside her Suwanee, Georgia, workplace.


According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, on Wednesday morning, 30-year-old Nathanieo Pinkins went to Quality Technologies where his ex-girlfriend was sitting inside her car. He shot at her multiple times from behind. Police say one bullet hit her in the head, after which she was miraculously able to drive away and call for help. She was transported to Gwinnett Medical Center and is in stable condition.


Police said Pinkins and the victim were estranged.

“They have at least one child together. They are no longer a couple so they were going through some sort of domestic issues.” …

“No we had no prior knowledge of any of this going on. In speaking with family members we didn’t get any indication at that point that anything else had happened,” said Captain Mooney.

Pinkins was found and arrested about 30 miles away with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.

I’m always struck in these moments at how often it is that women are accused of hating men—whether for pointing out bad behavior or asking that they do better or expressing any variety of basic human needs. It happens fairly often with The Root; we point out what we see and are accused of hating black men in particular.

But hating someone isn’t calling a spade a spade or gesturing at very real data about domestic violence and sexual assault.

If you hate someone, you shoot them in the back of the head. You assault them. You abuse them. You do these things then pretend the other person is the problem; you do these things and you turn around and ask for support you already disproportionally get for what you give back.


And by and large—while of course noting that there are exceptions, mainly because I don’t want to fucking hear it from careless contrarians and concern trolls—these are things men are doing to women.

Who really hates who, here?

Natalie Degraffinried is a senior editor for Kotaku.



Your message is so on point. Thank you.

I’m thankful this asshole was a terrible shot, both so his victim can heal and so he can face trial.