What some guys won't do…

So apparently, Gov. Mark Sanford wasn't hiking through Appalachian valleys, but was enjoying valleys carnal with his Argentine jump-off.

He admitted as much today in a news conference in which he apologized to the wife and kids he stepped out on and the state he stepped out on.

From CNN:

"I'm a bottom-line kind of guy. I'll lay it out, it's going to hurt, and we'll let the chips fall as they may," Sanford said as he spoke with reporters.

Sanford said his affair began as a friendship, but "over this last year, it developed into something much more than that."


"All I can say is that I apologize," he said, adding that he would appreciate a "zone of privacy" for the sake of his family.

Privacy is understandable. He should be held to more account as a public official who stepped out on his state and let he and his family sort out his personal affairs.

Yes; he is a public figure but, like John Wayne said, that doesn't make him public property.


Our question is: Who paid for this trip?