Well, What Do You Know? Turns Out the Fan Involved in the Argument With Russell Westbrook Is a MAGAt

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On Monday night, Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook got into a verbal altercation with a Utah Jazz fan.


I don’t know the fan, but I’ve driven through Utah and I believe Russell Westbrook’s version of whatever he says happened because the entire state of Utah is just one big hole of weird whiteness.

According to the 2010 census, 89.2 percent of Utah’s population is white. In fact, Utah’s entire black population plays for the Utah Jazz.

Anyway, during the incident, Westbrook was recorded telling a Jazz fan, “I’ll fuck you up. You and your wife.”

Later the fan told this version of events:


After the game, Westbrook claimed that the fan told him to “get down on your knees like you’re used to.” Westbrook called the comments disrespectful and racial.


Well, it turns out that the fan, Shane Keisel, has social media, and his social media is a feast, no, a buffet....a cornucopia of racist shit, because Shane Kesiel, it turns out, is a shit heel.

In one post he calls someone a “nigger boy.”


In another, he punctuated a race-baiting tweet with “MAGA”


In another, he tweeted that an African country looked like a “shithole to him.”


He also claimed before the game that someone needs to kick Westbrook’s ass.


Now that Keisel has been exposed, he’s deleted his Twitter account and has gone back to playing victim and acting as if this entire incident was an enraged black man overreacting and threatening to beat him and his 100-pound wife up. Oh, why did he bring up his wife’s weight to add into the narrative of a helpless white woman being berated by an angry black man? It’s all bullshit. Keisel been on his race-baiting bullshit and Utah will always be weird, and not in a good way.

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He has exhibits everything I attribute to racists.

  1. Camo Clothes
  2. “God and Country” in their social media profiles
  3. No self-awareness (He’s wearing Jordan Brand)
  4. MAGA tweets