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Covington Catholic has been receiving a lot of press lately. There’s been video of a reported Covington Catholic kid chanting “It’s not rape if you enjoy it.” There was another image of a Covington Catholic thug in blackface. And there was the pièce de résistance video of a group of Covington’s finest being complete assholes during a Native American march.


So it seems fitting, almost predestined that one of Covington Catholic’s most prominent graduates just so happens to be President Trump’s top White House attorney.

“Pat Cipollone, CovCath class of 1984, recently took over as White House general counsel. He had previously served as an informal adviser to the president on the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections,” the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Does this mean that Covington Catholic only produces the finest deplorables this nation has ever seen? Of course it does. No, it doesn’t. But it does appear to explain why the the MAGA-hat laden group of thuggery has been so heavily supported by the White House.

“We’ve reached out and voiced our support” for the students, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters Tuesday evening, CNN reports.


From the Enquirer:

Trump took to Twitter on Monday night and again Tuesday morning to defend the CovCath students, embroiled in a controversy for their behavior during other groups’ protests and marches last week near the Lincoln Memorial. Also on Tuesday, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the White House had reached out to CovCath students and “voiced our support.”


It’s even been rumored that the band of thugs may even be invited to the White House, as the guest of the nation’s biggest thug, as if they are the 2019 National Asshole Champions.

“If the president does have them here, it’ll be sometime after the shutdown if that happens,” Sanders told CNN.


While it’s unknown whether Cipollone asked the president to support the tiki torch wielding (sorry, that was the other group of deplorables that the president supported) Catholic boys, it is clear they were white and wearing the updated Klan-wear hood and that was really all the president needed to offer his voice to a situation that really didn’t need a presidential address.

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