Well This is Awkward: Black GOP Candidate Claims She Can Win Because People Don't Want to Vote for 'Old White Men'

Carla Spalding
Carla Spalding
Screenshot: WPTV

The Republican Party, aka the party of old white men, has a new black firecracker with an interesting platform: Vote for me because people don’t want to vote for old white men!


According to The Sun-Sentinel, Carla Spalding, who is Caribbean-American, spoke during an Americans For Trump-Broward meeting in Florida. Nothing says old white men like an Americans For Trump-Broward meeting. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Spalding from making her impassioned pitch to be the Republican nominee for Congress to face Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Watch below and note that the tweet incorrectly identifies Spalding as a Democrat when she’s all Republican.

Spalding’s plea to voters was to pick her because she can “get through the general election, and I’m the only one that can get through the general.”

Her reasoning was that, as a black woman, she could pull votes that Democratic nominee Wasserman Schultz couldn’t.

Then she delivered her line of the night: “They are not going to vote for an old white man in the certain communities. That’s a fact,” Spalding said to a stunned crowd who can be heard gasping at the claim.

Did Spalding care that her statement was shocking? Fuggg no, she doubled down: “It doesn’t matter. I don’t care what you say.”


Clearly, Spalding is a hot-ass mess with extra cheese. The Sun-Sentinel reports that Spalding’s opponents for the GOP nomination are Joe Kaufman, 48, who is white and Carlos Reyes, 59, who is Hispanic.

Besides Spalding’s comments being hilarious, it turns out that they were misguided since she was arguing that there are certain pockets of the Broward/Miami-Dade County 23rd District that an old white man couldn’t win. But her diss was aimed at Reyes, who isn’t white.


Joe Budd, president of Palm Beach County’s Trump Club, was present at the Broward group’s meeting and called Spalding racist and added that her comments were “absolutely out of line.”

“It’s a discriminatory racist comment. When I heard her say that, I was just shocked,” Budd told the Sun-Sentinel. “I think the voters will decide, but if she’s going to blow up like that in the primary, she’s going to blow up in the general [election campaign] as well.”


Another attendee at the Rapidly-Decaying White Lives Matter function found the comments to be divisive.

“I thought it was reverse racism. I thought it was horrible for her to say that” Republican Hilda Ramirez-Gainza told the newspaper. “In my opinion, she’s buried her campaign by saying that.”


Well, at least Spalding and her wig went down swinging.

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But she, in her mind, is not “black”, she is Caribean. It’s like how Cuban exiles go republican. They aren’t “them" *wink*