Modern medicine never ceases to amaze The Buzz. The latest shocker? A recent kidney transplant, detailed by William Saletan in Slate's "Human Nature" blog, in which a 48-year-old woman had the organ removed through her vagina. Yes, you read correctly! Vagina. And if BBC News reported the story, then you know that it's more than the setup for a bad bar joke. 

CNN confirms that the procedure, though performed last week for the first time, resulted in the transplant of a healthy kidney from one saintly aunt to her ailing neice. The "natural orifice" surgery seems completely unnatural, if you ask The Buzz, but then again, we're not licensed to practice medicine. USA Today reports that this type of procedure is one of about 300 that have been performed worldwide. Eeeek! clearly shares our sentiment.

And, what's scarier — this is only the beginning! Saletan says rectum surgery is next on the list.