AP: 4 Shot, 1 Dead at Korean Retreat Center in California

BBC: With Death Count at 250, Aftershocks Hamper Italian Rescue

BET: The Few, The Shameful: Four Marines Face Murder in Race Murder

Reuters: Somali Pirates Continue to Get Their Flying Dutchman On

AJE: World 'Ignored Rwanda'; Buzz: "True. But We Talked About It A LOT After the Fact"


AP: Hispanics Skeptical of Police Fairness, Realize Checking 'White' on Census Box Does Little

Politico: CBC Praises Castro; Put Down Paddles, Raise Fists and Shout 'Assata Was Framed!'


CST: Run, Jesse Jr., Run (for Your Life)! The Congressional Ethics Board Wants to Holler Atcha

ESPN: Louisville Women Come Up 23 Points Short of National Title

NYT: To Win Masters, Tiger Must Execute Perfect Frog Splash in Global Battle Royale

TRB: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 "Obama Y'alllllllll"-s

FOX: Yippie Ki Yay! Cyberspies Copy Plot of 'Live Free or Die Hard'

WP: Apparently, Some Post Readers Have A Quibble With Homosexual Matrimony

ABC: Will New Military Budget Prolong Recession? Probably Not Like Predatory Lending and Wars Do


CNN: NY Gunman: 98 Shot, About 60 Seconds = About Two Shots a Second. Good Grief.

BBC: New Nuke Talk Offers for Iran; Amhadinejad Will Listen in Same Gray Suit

Forbes: Exercise May Benefit Some After Heart Failure; Exercise Beforehand Not Too Shabby Either


ESPN: Griffin Forgoes Another Year in 'Party Crazy' Norman, OK; Enters NBA Draft

J&J: Stones Get Tossed at the Mothership! Jack and Jill Talk Greasy About the Washington Post*


Hey, we're not above giving scrappers a title shot. Articles like this can make a person's career (provided people read it).

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