Wednesday's Headlines

WP: Sisterhood of Powerful Black Women Coming to Fore in DC; Some Wear Sleeves, Others Don't

BBC: Can Catholicism Help Africa? The Buzz Is Gonna Take the Under on That

The Job: Yep, We're in a Recession*

J&J: Women's History Month Blurb on Angela Davis; Yes, It's Women's History Month


The Hill: AIG Employees—'We Deserve Our Coin'; Public Retorts with Sack of Nickels to the Mush

Bossip: Black Disney Princess Gets Jungle Fever; Buzz Uncertain 'Jungle Fever' Is PC Any Longer


Economist: Since the Fellas Have Clearly Screwed Up, Recession-Hit Co.'s Target Female Customers

AJE: Bashir Urges Rebels to Lay Down Arms, Says "You Know What the Alternative Is, Right"?


BET: Student Prevented from Wearing Obama Mask in Show; Robert Downey Jr. Flies to School in Protest

BG: Bush—Obama 'Deserves My Silence'; Adds 'It's Not Like I Can Say S**t Anyway, Right'?


USAT: Obesity Can Trim Ten Years Off Life; Irony of Obesity 'Trimming' Not Lost on Buzz

BBC: US Iranian Policy Shaping Up; Israel Prepared to Hate Anything Not Involving Annihilation


AJE: Darfur Peacekeeper Shot Dead; Bashir's 'Sudanizing' of Assassins Working Out Like Gangbusters

CNN: Family of Chimp Victim Want $50M; No One Asking Why Chimp Owner Had Chimp in Connecticut


ESPN: President Fills Out Tourney Bracket; Gov. Sanford Will Reject It from His Office Pool

Salon: Treasury Ready to Blame Chris Dodd Over AIG Bonuses; AIG in No Rush to Stop This


NYR: Remember Roland Burris? The Knucklehead? No? Don't Worry, Jeffrey Toobin Does

DB: Where's the Bailout for Publishing? Liberal Bias Doesn't Write Itself You Know

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