Stratfor: White House Heavy with the Diplomatics; England Still Wondering Why They Only Got DVDs

Bossip: Beanie Sigel Has 35th Birthday Party; Someone Gets Shot, Naturally

J&J Politics: Jack and Jill Back Chas Freeman, Scold The Obama; Buzz Loves Name 'Chas'


ESPN: Judge Wants to Feel Important; Demands Vick Appear in Bankruptcy Court

WBEZ: Bishop Tutu Absolves Chicago Press; Bernie Madoff Wonders if He Can Get In on That


LAT: Family Buys Black; Booker T Beams, W.E.B. Grumbles About Talented Tenth

St. Louis American: Black Unemployment at 13.4%; Be Happy if You're in 86.4 %

WXVT: End-of-Life Care More Expensive for Blacks, Hispanics; Some Argue 'Better Late Than Never'

Black Press USA: Some Blacks Want Obama to Fail; Dispersal to Re-Education Camps Imminent

WP: Gunmen in Ala. Kills 9, Himself

LAT: Obama Pushes Global Stimulus Effort; China Says, "We Can't Own Everyone, But We'll Try"


NYT: Michelle Obama Promotes Healthy Eating; Country Fries Little

AJC: Morehouse Police Chief Indicted in Hunting Incident, Possible Retaliation For Ending Freaknik


BBC: German School Gunman Kills 15

Al Jazeera: Freeman Withdraws Intelligence Post Nom; Not Down With Israel Lobby in the Least


CNN: Robin Givens Talks Abuse; Semi-Secretly Glad Rihanna's Mollywhopping Brought Her Back into Vogue

BET: Ex-Detroit Mayor Wants $100M; AIG Backs This Play Wholeheartedly

The Daily Beast: Bernie Madoff Might Get 150 Years; Guys at Arthur Andersen Cackling


Deadspin: Hyping Young Athletes is Bad; Hyping Their Hype Adds to Problem in No Way

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