Wedding Bells Will be Ringing on a Special Black-ish Episode

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Screenshot: ABC

Somebody cue the music and dust off the jumping broom!

It looks like Pops and Ruby will finally be making things official (again) on an upcoming episode of Black-ish. But this won’t be any old wedding ceremony; it’s a Johnson family ceremony, which usually means three things: hilarity is sure to ensue, a lesson will be learned and something unexpected is bound to happen. And in this case, that something unexpected is none other than legendary actor Danny Glover.


According to a first-look exclusive with Entertainment Weekly, Glover will play “Uncle Norman,” Pops’ brother, who shows up just in time to wreak havoc for Dre on his parents’ big day. But Dre isn’t the only one dealing. Per usual, Ruby’s dismissal of Rainbow rears its ugly head again, only this time it threatens to get in the way of the wedding preparations.

“It will be a COVID wedding dealing with those kinds of realities,” showrunner Courtney Lilly told EW. “I’m not interested in, for the sake of drama, going like, ‘They’re on the rocks.’ No, we’ve done it. They’ve reached the finish line. It’s a challenge on us as writers to make sure that we didn’t take out all the things that are interesting about their relationship.”

And an interesting relationship they indeed have. So much so that ABC is now officially developing Old-ish, making it the fourth “-Ish” franchise from creator Kenya Barris. (Speaking of, did y’all hear he might be on his Tyler Perry stuff soon? I’m here for it!) The Hollywood Reporter gave this short synopsis of Old-ish: “The spinoff will follow Ruby and Earl as they give love a second chance. When they move to a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of L.A., they’ll meet characters who represent the old and new faces of the community as they try to make it work as a married couple. Again.”

The special wedding episode, “Our Wedding Dre,” will air Wednesday, Nov. 18 at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.