Wearing Masks and Canceling a Portion of the Republican National Convention—What’s Happening With the Trump Administration?

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For months, the Trump administration has been the leader of the coronavirus deniers movement. They have acted like masks were akin to slavery and that the media has been pushing falsehoods about one of the most deadly viruses to ever do it.


Now, as if God had smacked the shit out of the entire administration, there has been a huge 180-degree turn to a complete about-face. Trump and his ragtag administration are now advocating the wearing of masks and have canceled the Jacksonville, Fla., portion of the Republican National Convention, colloquially known as “the gathering of old, fat white men,” due to the spike of the coronavirus across the state.

“I looked at my team and I said the timing for this event is not right. It’s just not right with what’s been happening,” Trump said at the daily coronavirus briefing, NPR reports. “They said ‘Sir, we can make this work very easily.’ ... I said there’s nothing more important in our country than keeping our people safe, whether it’s from the China virus or the radical left mob.”

What happened to Trump? After months of people dying and getting sick and creating a toxic environment around the coronavirus, including ignoring the advice of the top scientists and Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, now Trump gives a shit about keeping people safe? It’s almost as if Trump believes the numbers that show he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in his White House of winning the presidency again. Or that he’s finally seen that his response to the coronavirus has aided in its spread. Whatever has happened, Trump is now trying to be on the right side of history and it’s way too fucking late.

And you know something had to really happen for Trump, the most rallying president to ever disrespect the Oval Office, to cancel a rally. He knows that his only path to reelection goes through rallying and he’s canceled a rally to save people? The man who doesn’t give a shit that the virus has killed some 140,000 Americans now cares about deaths? Something ain’t right.

NPR notes that “Delegates to the convention will still meet in Charlotte, N.C., to hold small, formal business meetings as planned, but Trump’s keynote Jacksonville speech will no longer take place.”

Charlotte was the first site for the convention until N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper told Trump and ’nem that he didn’t want that shit happening in his state while the coronavirus was still running wild like an escaped prisoner.


“I could see the media saying ‘Oh, this is very unsafe.’ I don’t want to be in that position,” Trump said.

“We have to be vigilant. We have to be careful. And we also have to set an example. I think setting the example is very important. It’s hard for us to say we’re going to have a lot of people packed in a room and then other people shouldn’t do it.”


WTF? Whose mans is this? Did Russian President Vladimir Putin tell him to do something different? Did Satan tell him that he had to start acting like he cares? Who even wrote these words for Trump to recite?

“We’ll have a very nice something. We’ll figure it out. It’ll be online in some form. Maybe it’ll be something even a little bit different. We have time,” he said of the event scheduled for Aug. 24-27.


“We appreciate President Donald Trump considering our public health and safety concerns in making this incredibly difficult decision, A joint statement by Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry and Duval County Sheriff Mike Williams said.

“As always, in Jacksonville, public safety is our number one priority. President Trump has once again reaffirmed his commitment to the safety of Jacksonville, Florida, and the people of the United States of America.”


But public safety has never been the Trump administration’s concern. In fact, they politicized the wearing of masks so much so that most Trump supporters have refused to wear masks and would rather fight underpaid Walmart managers than wear one.

Maybe it had something to do with Sheriff Williams’ statement, Monday, that noted he wasn’t going to be able to provide security for the event, citing poor planning and a lack of funding, or a Quinnipiac University opinion poll released Thursday that showed that 62 percent of Florida voters thought it would be unsafe to hold a convention in the state.


Whatever caused the change in the Trump administration’s new response to the coronavirus, it’s most likely too late; the damage has been done. Hopefully, the Trumps are evicted in November and we can move toward some semblance of responsible parenting in the most respected office in the nation.

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I hope it’s too late. I was balancing my horror of his behavior with the comfort that he definitely was fucking himself into the grave. But the (white) people in the middle are all too happy to forgive, especially when the shit gets serious.

I hate that I have to take comfort that the inevitable financial collapse that’s coming very soon, will still be what kills that fuck’s re-election.

I’m not so sure we won’t just pull him out of office, anyway. I don’t think anyone can handle another 4 years.