Danni Starr
Danni Starr
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All hell broke loose on Washington, D.C., radio station WKYS this morning after one host claimed she was ambushed by her co-hosts and it all ended with a live, on-air “Fuck this show, I’m out.”

Here’s how the shenanigans went down:

Danni Starr is one-third of the popular morning program The Fam in the Morning with co-hosts QuickSilva and DJ 5’9 (I know it sounds like I pulled those names out of the urban-radio-show-names grab bag, but trust me, they’re real). On a previous episode, Starr spoke about her recent babysitter issues and added that a woman who was a model and singer jumped in her DMs offering nanny assistance if the radio personality needed some help. Starr mentioned on the air that she wasn’t interested in hiring an attractive woman (Starr openly admits that the woman was attractive) around her home and—more importantly—her man.


On Thursday, things took a messy turn when Starr’s co-hosts reached out to the woman in question and invited the nanny-singer onto the studio for a live discussion. They confronted Starr about her lack of interest in hiring Rih-nanny the Modeling Babysitter, based on her looks. You can hear a bit of the live fiasco below:

The woman who wasn’t hired claimed that Starr was basically hating, while Starr claimed that she can do what she wants and hire whomever she wants to work in her home. Starr, feeling attacked, also explained that her father cheated on her mother with a babysitter and that her ex-husband also cheated on her. As if this weren’t messy enough, Starr then went in on both of her co-hosts, claiming that they ambushed her live on the air.

After the program ended (did I mention that Starr quit midway through the episode?), Starr posted a Facebook Live missive explaining her side of the whole on-air debacle.


Starr claims that she had no idea the woman was going to be a guest on the show and she was never told during radio meetings to discuss each episode, a claim that QuickSilva denied on his Instagram page.


According to QuickSilva (or is it “the QuickSilva”? I always get my nicknames for mercury confused), he considers Starr family and would never try to ambush her on live radio. He also claims that Starr was fully aware that Babysitter Beyoncé would be a guest on the show. The QuickSilva also noted that he initially thought the conversation would be about a person’s looks keeping them from being employed. He adds that the show began to veer off course when the woman began attacking Starr.

You can read QuickSilva’s explanation and apology to Starr below:

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Hopefully The Fam can get this all worked out, as Starr has already taken to Twitter to let her followers know that she’s looking for work.


Starr definitely has a point, in that the list of celebrities who have cheated with their nannies includes Rob Lowe, Ben Affleck, Mick Jagger and Jude Law. However, I don’t think looks make a difference because Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated on Maria Shriver with his nanny who was also an actress, I think (I haven’t checked her IMDb, but I’m pretty sure she played Patrick on Spongebob SquarePants).


For the record, M’Baku could never babysit my son even if he came with his own platinum-encrusted, dove-hair-lined playpen and an endless supply of Peruvian Wavy breast milk. Ain’t happening. Not now. Not ever.

Let’s discuss in the comments, but I’m telling y’all now that I’m right.

Editor’s note: He is.

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