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Two 18-year-old men have been arrested for racially aggravated public-order offenses after being videotaped yelling racist slurs outside a black student’s room at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom earlier this week.

As the BBC notes, the student in question, Rufaro Chisango, tweeted out a video of the abuses hurled at her, which included chants of “We hate the blacks” and “Fuck the blacks.”


“Words cannot describe how sad this makes me feel, in this 2018 people think this is still acceptable,” Chisango wrote in her tweet.

The suspects have been suspended from the university pending an investigation.

Chisango told the BBC that she felt “really shocked, isolated and uncomfortable” when she heard the chants outside her door in the school’s residence hall.


Chisango reported the incident to reception at the residence hall on Tuesday, but the school administration was only informed about what happened on Wednesday, according to the report.

“It shouldn’t have [taken] such a long delay when I reported something like this,” she told the network. “I just want the appropriate action to be taken.”


The university, for its part, expressed that it was “shocked and appalled” to see the video and was investigating “as a matter of urgency.”

“We are also working with our accommodation partner to understand why the university was only alerted to this on Wednesday evening after this was reported to them in the very early hours of Tuesday,” the university said in a statement.

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