Although a Google search brought up a LinkedIn profile that had already been deleted, it still showed her employer’s name in the results. As with most corporate emails, it was easy to find out the company’s email format, so we emailed the woman allegedly identified as Jennifer Schulte, who is, ironically, an environmental expert and advocate. A response to our first email received an out-of-office reply until the 15th. But by Tuesday evening, social media (particularly Twitter) was already tweeting to Stanford, her former alma mater.


Since today is the 15th, we figured we’d email again, just to see if she was back and wanted to give a statement or her side of the story, but this is what we received back:

553 Sorry, your email address has been blacklisted. Please contact Environmental Resources Management Limited to have yourself removed.


Since the original email was now blocked, we tried a second email address and received the same out-of-office reply.

Realistically speaking, we really didn’t expect a response, because people are cowards, but one would have been nice, just to put into perspective why someone felt the need to call the police on the family. But now this woman is all over the internet and will forever be known as the black-people-cookout hater.