Watermelons at the White House

The Mayor of Alamitos' email
The Mayor of Alamitos' email

So it's Friday.  I'm in the chill mode as I wait to see if travel plans to Cleveland pan out.  My play Wilberforce is running at Cleveland State University and I'm hoping to get there.  Excuse me as I digress in shameless self-promotion, but if you're in Cleveland go and check it out.  Anyway, it's Friday and I ran across this hilarious article about the Mayor of Los Alamitos.  Mister Mayor sent out an email to a few friends that suggest the White House won't have an Easter Egg hunt this year.  See, Dan Grose, the Mayor of Los Alamitos believes the White House will be overrun by watermelons because Obama is president and he's black and that's funny.  And I think that's hilarious!


How long can the watermelon joke carry its punch?  It's been nearly a century, no?  Folks, find some new racist material!  Two, what idiot believes watermelon is indigenous to black people?!  It's a southern delicacy, you idiots.  It migrated north and west when black people from the SOUTH migrated and brought their culinary tastes.  But what's even funnier is that the Mayor of Alamitos decided to resign.  He realizes the watermelons were in bad taste.  Can you imagine an idiot like Grose sitting at home, listening to Rush Limbaugh, hating that he lost his job, but feeling justified for his email joke because, well, black people eat watermelons and that's just so so fricking funny.

Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.

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