Watch: ‘You’re Going to Live!’ Moment Teen Learns He’s Going to Receive a Heart Transplant

Albert Jeffries
Fox 8 Screenshot
Albert Jeffries
Fox 8 Screenshot

Albert Jeffries, who goes by Al-J, was only 4 months old when doctors diagnosed him with cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that, according to doctors, meant he wasn't going to make it.

"His heart was barely squeezing," Albert's mom, Tina Turner, told Fox 8 in December. "That was the beginning of our journey. The doctor said he wasn’t going to make it overnight. I was like—I know that there’s a God. He's going to make it."

From the age of 4 months to 14 years old, Albert, along with his family, battled and prayed, making the hospital a second home, all the while knowing that he was going to need a heart transplant.


Last week Turner got the news that doctors had found a heart that was a match. Below is the incredible moment Turner shared with her stunned son that a heart had finally been found.

According to the Daily Mail, Albert underwent a successful transplant and is expected to "thrive" once he has fully recovered, according to doctors. Albert just hopes to get back to playing football and riding bikes with his friends, the Daily Mail notes.

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