White fans of the Chelsea soccer team refuse to let a black man board a subway train in Paris Feb. 17, 2015.  

White fans of England's Chelsea soccer team on their way to see the team play Tuesday stopped a black man from riding with them on a subway train in Paris, including pushing the man from the train several times while reportedly chanting, "We're racist, we're racist and that's the way we like it."

The incident, which happened at the Richelieu-Drouot station and was captured on video and published by The Guardian, involved several white men standing close to the subway doors. When the black man tried to board the train, he was pushed back onto the platform. 

Paul Nolan, who filmed the incident on his phone, told the BBC it was an "ugly scene" and "very aggressive." Nolan added that he heard some mentions of World War II and racist chants and noted that he and others watching felt threatened by the attack.

"I think there was a certain amount of pack mentality," he told the news station.


A spokesman for the Chelsea team told the BBC that the fans' actions had "no place in football or society.

"Should evidence point to the involvement of Chelsea season ticket holders or members of the club, we will take the strongest possible action against them, including banning orders," he added.

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