Soledad O'Brien; Dorothy Brown (CNN)

Soledad O'Brien has been seeking to dispel misinformation about the late professor Derrick Bell and critical race theory, ever since video surfaced of President Obama hugging the professor who endorses the so-called radical school of thought. It turns out that it basically just means thinking about race and racism and acknowledging the way they can be embedded in the law. Scary?

From Mediaite:

O’Brien brought on Professor Dorothy Brown, author of Critical Race Theory: Cases, Materials and Problems, to explain Critical Race Theory, and to point out that, even though the theory isn’t actually “radical,” there is also nothing in President Obama’s record to suggest that he is an adherent of it.

“Critical Race Theory seeks to explain judicial decisions by asking the question ‘what does race have to do with it?’” Professor Brown said. “It’s that simple and that straightforward. There’s no hidden conspiracy theory behind it. It looks at race in America. We know through our history that race has had a lot to do with judicial decisions and statutes.”

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