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It's been 12 years — and two stints in rehab — since D'Angelo's Voodoo album. The neo-soul star kicked off a European tour in Stockholm this week and even played several new songs, and the consensus seems to be that he's making a real comeback, although it's unclear exactly when we'll get to hear all of his new album.

From a GQ profile about the singer's return to the public eye:

So when will he release his new album? D can't say for sure. His managers and his label are pushing hard for September, before the Grammy deadline. But nobody's banking on it. Sounding like a man who's all too familiar with D-time, Tom Corson, RCA's president and COO, says simply, "This year would be nice." In mid-April, D and his band are back in the studio, this time in Los Angeles, supposedly adding the final touches. But everything hinges on D letting the music go.

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