Watch: The Coming 2 America Teaser Trailer Is Very Happy to Be Here!

Coming 2 America (2021)
Coming 2 America (2021)
Screenshot: Amazon Prime Video (YouTube)

Y’all want an escape from 2020 right quick? Well, how about a virtual trip to Zamunda?


Just like 2021 may be our escape from 2020, one of our movie escapes will come in the form of Coming 2 America, the sequel releasing 33 years after the original film.

Here’s what to expect from the long-awaited sequel:

In Coming 2 America, Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) returns to America as the King of Zamunda with his trusted confidante Semmi (Arsenio Hall) to embark on an all-new hilarious adventure that takes us from the lush and royal country of Zamunda back to the borough of Queens — where it all began! Coming to America original cast favorites including King Jaffe (James Earl Jones), Queen Lisa (Shari Headley) the motley barbershop crew, and some surprise guests will join the new star-studded cast of Coming 2 America including Wesley Snipes, Leslie Jones, Tracy Morgan, Jermaine Fowler, Bella Murphy, Rotimi, KiKi Layne, Nomzamo Mbatha and Teyana Taylor in the most anticipated comedy film of the year.

We already told y’all that everybody and their mama will be appearing in the sequel and now you get to see the visual proof! The teaser trailer from Coming 2 America is finally here and it’s hella Eddie Murphy!

Coming 2 America official trailer / Amazon Prime Video (YouTube)

Along with the familiar faces (King Jaffe Joffer is lying in this bed giving final decrees and I don’t like it!), we get an update on that infamous barbershop scene and’s exactly what you expect from a barbershop scene led by Murphy (well actually...a few know how he does with the multiple roles).

Sure, I’m intrigued to see this, but I have to be honest—it’s also making me quite salty because I know we won’t be able to experience the unmatched Black-ass function this theatrical release would’ve been. We would’ve been decked out in our finest linens just like we did at the Black Panther debut—only even more foolish. *wistful sigh*

Alas—Coming 2 America lands on Amazon Prime Video on March 5, 2021!

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