Watch: Texas Police Try to Arrest an Innocent Black Man Because Apparently They All Look Alike

When Clarence Evans refused to give his name and identification to officers who showed up at his house—even though they called him by another man’s name, showed him a picture of a different man and seemed to have no verifiable information about Evans’ identity—they still attempted to arrest him because...

Come on. Don’t act like you don’t know.

A now-viral Facebook video shows a confrontation between a Houston, Texas, police officer armed with seemingly erroneous or false information, and Evans, whom the police called an “uncooperative, vulgar-mouth citizen” after Evans had the audacity to stand up for his constitutional rights, according to KRIV.


“I’m so pissed right now it’s not even fucking funny,” Evans wrote in the Facebook post accompanying the four-and-a-half minute video. “I’ve always been the one to say all cops aren’t bad but this racist mf just proved me wrong.”

Evans’ post continues:

I’m outside with my son and daughter watching them play when this racist ass constable from precinct 4 pulls up in front of my house and tells me someone called in about my dog being stolen. I tell him that’s impossible cuz I have his paperwork plus I have a chip in him. He then asked for Id and I politely tell him no he then says to me “put your hands behind your back Reg”


The footage begins with the officer trying to handcuff Clarence Evans. When the officer informs Reg Evans that he has an outstanding warrant in Louisiana, not only does Reggie Evans insist that he’s never lived in Louisiana, he asks how the cop could possibly know there was an outstanding warrant when the officer doesn’t even seem to know Evans’ name.

“You don’t even know my name and you’re telling me I have a warrant?” says Reginald Evans. “How can I trust you when you don’t know my name and you’re shaking like you’re scared of something?”

The officer asks Evans for his name and identification, which Evans refuses. Texas law only requires a citizen to give their ID or personal information to a “peace officer who has lawfully arrested the person and requested the information.” Switching away from the Louisiana warrant story, the officer goes back to accusing Evans of stealing his own dog and calls him “Quentin.” Soon, another officer arrives and both lawmen attempt to pry the interstate dog thief Clarence Quentin Reginald YourGuessIsAsGoodAsMine Evans’ name from him.

“Then once his partner shows up, he shows me a picture of a black man in his 50s with dreds,” Evans wrote. “So clearly this mf just saw a black man with dreds and think we all look alike.”


Trust me, I know how it feels when someone says you resemble someone else and you discover that your supposed Bizarro twin looks like microwaved death.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” screamed Evans after seeing the photo of his not-doppelganger, Quentin Reginald John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith (his name is my name, too). “What are you trying to say? I look like him because I got dreads and I’m black?”


When the cop realizes that his negro recognition powers are in desperate need of repair, he offers to do a report and clear up the situation. Instead, the Louisiana dog kidnapper’s evil twin offers an alternative suggestion to the officers:

“Nah, y’all can get the fuck out of my yard!”

Constable Mark Herman says his deputy showed up at Evans’ home because “someone” called the cops and said that Evans was a wanted fugitive, according to KRIV. When Houston Police Union President Joe Gamaldi was asked to review the tape, he stated that the officer “very much thought he had the right person.”


But the point is, they didn’t have the right person.

“My kids were out there watching. I don’t want my son to have that memory of my dad being hauled off to jail and I didn’t do anything wrong,” Evans told the news station. “Had he been upfront and said he had a warrant for a guy named Quentin, it would have ended in three minutes. I would have showed him my I.D., showed him that I wasn’t Quentin.”


Meanwhile, if you know the whereabouts of a dread-headed dog snatcher named Reggie Que, you should probably tell him to turn himself in before they arrest Lil Wayne, Tracy Chapman, Marshawn Lynch and all the members of Migos in this nationwide manhunt.



F$@K YOU to all the people that whine “He should have just shown His ID” we do not live in a police state( yet) when a person is relaxing in their yard and anyone can just come up and say I want to see your ID. That is NOT acceptable! His children learned a lesson. And another Fu@k you to the people who dont understand his frustration and why he did not just comply. The reason you dont understand is because it will never happen to you simply because of how you look. So yeah F@!k YOU. 

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