Watch: Student Charged With Assault and Teacher on Leave After Fight Caught on Tape

The teacher (left) involved in the incident is held back by a student. 
YouTube screenshot
The teacher (left) involved in the incident is held back by a student. 
YouTube screenshot

A Baltimore City teacher has been placed on administrative leave, and a female student has been charged with assault, after a classroom incident involving a cellphone turned violent and the bulk of it was caught on tape.


According to WBAL, the fight began at Carver Vocational High School in West Baltimore on Friday after the teacher asked the 17-year-old senior to leave because she was talking on her cellphone in class. In the video the student can be seen leaving the class and pushing a chair in the direction of the teacher. The student also throws something across the teacher's desk in the teacher's direction.

Outside the classroom, the student throws a notebook at the teacher and the teacher can be seen charging the student. A male student attempts to break it up, but the teacher can be heard on tape yelling, "I'll kill you up in here [expletive]; what the [expletive] you think this is," she says.

"You're supposed to be a role model to these children, and you took your shoes off and physically was fighting her like you was outside on the street," Nikia Jones, the student's aunt, told Fox 45. The student's family told the news station that they had seen the video and admitted that she may have thrown the book at the teacher, but noted that the teacher was the adult in the situation and didn't behave accordingly. 

"You send the best child you have to school, maybe a problem child, maybe a good child. But you send the best you have," Nancy Jones, the girl's grandmother, told Fox 45. "You don't expect nobody to fight her like that."

According to the news station, the teacher was treated for minor injuries and placed on administrative leave until a thorough investigation could be conducted. The student was arrested, charged with assault and released to a parent.  

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