In the 1980s, San Francisco Bay Area native Damani Baker and his family migrated to the Caribbean to join the Grenada Revolution.


The move wasn’t his decision; he was a child at the time. Rather, Baker’s mother, Fannie Haughton, made the bold decision that, decades later, would be the basis of his documentary.


The House on Coco Road tells the story of the Grenada Revolution with firsthand accounts from activists Angela Davis, Fania Davis and Haughton. “For us, Grenada, especially for black people, really marked a new moment in history. It just sort of caught the imagination of us. Here’s a socialist government, a revolutionary government right here, in our own hemisphere,” Angela Davis says.

The House on Coco Road premieres on Netflix on June 30 via Ava DuVernay’s distribution company Array.

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