Watch: Price Is Right Model Makes Winning a Car Super Easy for 1 Contestant

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
The Price Is Right model Manuela Arbelaez makes winning a car too easy for one lucky contestant. 
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Normally, winning a car on The Price Is Right is difficult; there's intense strategy and huge amounts of luck involved. But one contestant walked away with a brand-new ride with very little effort—in fact, it was almost as if the model gave it to her.

That's because she did.

Here is what happened: A woman named Andrea was given three guesses to try to pick the correct price of a Hyundai Sonata. Her choices where all written out on price tags, and the way the game was supposed to work, as she guessed the price, the model was to remove the tag to reveal whether that guess was correct. Andrea guessed and the model, Manuela Arbelaez, removed the price-tag amount to show that she was wrong. But then something miraculous happened: Arbelaez just kept right on removing price tags, quickly revealing the correct amount for the car.


Host Drew Carey began laughing, telling Arbelaez to wait, but the damage had been done.

"Ooooooh! Congratulations! Manuela just gave you a car!" he told Andrea. "The game is over, folks."

Arbelaez was in shock, and when she realized what she had done, she covered her mouth and hid behind the game prop. Contestant Andrea was over the moon because even her bad guess—with a little help—turned out to be right.

Arbelaez was a good sport and later tweeted:

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