President Barack Obama and Golden State Warrior Steph Curry join forces to tout the values of mentorship. 
YouTube Screenshot

If the activities from this week are any indication, President Barack Obama plans to really make his My Brother’s Keeper initiative a success before he leaves the White House.

The president has been recruiting and using African-American entertainers and athletes to drum up support for the program, which focuses on black male excellence and support, and this week he released a video with professional basketball player Steph Curry on mentorship.

In the one-minute clip, President Obama beats the Golden State Warrior in a game of … Connect Four and drills down the importance of mentorship, one of the tenets of My Brother’s Keeper.

After a few scenes in which the president helps Curry with a résumé, a science project and his jumper (ha!) and talks to him about his life, a voice-over says, “You don’t need to have all the time or the answers to make a difference in someone’s life. And you don’t need to be an NBA star or president of the United States to be someone’s hero.”

The president then looks into the camera and says, “Support My Brother’s Keeper,” and Curry chimes in with, “Be a mentor.”