Usher and his wife, Grace, with President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama
YouTube screenshot

President Barack Obama is known for his singing mic drops. Remember "Amazing Grace"? And Al Green's "Let's Stay Together"? But who knew that first lady Michelle Obama had singing skills, too?

Never mind that it was just the "Happy Birthday" song—they performed an awesome duet. The two recently surprised R&B crooner Usher with a birthday serenade at the White House.


The singer, who turned 37 on Oct. 14, was accompanied by his wife, Grace, at an event that was captured on YouTube. The singer was clearly surprised and humbled as he was presented with small pastry with one flickering candle.

"Happy birthday, dear Usher," the president and first lady sang. "Happy birthday to you."

"Thank you," Usher said before blowing out the candle.

The president was complimented for his singing but also credited his wife.

"I have some good company, too," he joked.

Watch the video here:

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