The Root TV Screenshot/Getty Images
The Root TV Screenshot/Getty Images

Editor’s note: During Black History Month, the focus is usually on historical figures who loomed larger than life, paving the way for the progress we experience today. But black history isn’t just about telling stories of our past. History is being made every day and has been made throughout our lives; it’s not just in books. It walks among us. So this month, The Root is asking writers and other notables about the personal and pivotal events from their own lifetimes in a series we call My Black History. Ty Hunter, who is widely known as Beyoncé’s stylist and fashion director, has his own fashion line, created the popular Ty-Lite selfie case and even has his own emoji. Hunter most recently teamed up with retailer Six:02 to launch Ty Hunter by Reflex, a 23-piece activewear collection including dresses, T-shirts, leggings, sports bras and more.


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