Watch: Missy Elliott Invented Music Videos

Throw It Back [Official Music Video] / Missy Elliott (YouTube)

OK, OK, OK, that pesky little thing called “history” in the real world says the first music video was filmed in a Thomas Edison studio in 1895 and was called the “Dickson Experimental Sound Film.” But, Melissa Arnette “Missy” Elliott elevated them, OK?!


If you can believe it, it’s been a smooth 14 years since her last album, The Cookbook. That’s right, an entire high school freshman has entered the world since we’ve been blessed with a complete Missy work.

Her new album, Iconology isn’t even just called an album, EP or mixtape, because that would be regular. Missy is a lot of things, but “regular” ain’t one of them. The eccentric and talented artist is referring to her new work as a “collection,” instead. And what a collection it is, including familiar gym workout bops such as “Cool It Off” and reminding us she can give us a nice slow jam too with “DripDemeanor (feat. Sum1).”

And as the headmaster of the legendary study of Iconology, we will now refer to her as Dr. Missy Elliott. Leave it to the doc to heal our ailments with pure joy after suffering through this tragic week (Trump, Amazon rainforest fires, Popeyes running out of chicken sandwiches...need I list more?!)

Now, let’s talk about this stunning “Throw It Back” video.

The video opens with a group of patrons frequenting a Louvre-esque art museum called “The Hall of Missy.” The docent? A fabulously lipsticked Teyana Taylor who rightfully schools a young lady about “the innovator of all innovators.”


Next thing you know, we’re thrust into an illuminating and colorful world that just so happens to be quintessential Missy. “Throw it back,” indeed. Get into the double-dutch braids, the dancing Missy Moon Man, and the shit-talking (When she said, “I did records for Tweet before y’all could even tweet,” I hollered)!

When you’re watching a music video, you’re not just looking at a collection of frames to bop to, you’re looking at art. For Missy, it’s all about the details. Peep the info she gave about the cheerleaders’ “pom-poms” that are actually dyed afros.


Throw in the fact that she has her own pop-up museum dedicated to her in New York City and will be receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award on Monday’s VMAs, and I think it’s pretty safe to say this weekend belongs to Missy Elliott.


According to Rolling Stone, Iconology is produced by Elliott, Timbaland and Wili Hendrix.

Iconology is now available to stream on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music or wherever streaming is a thing.

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