The Root caught up with filmmaker Jason Pollock and Michael Brown Sr. at the SXSW festival earlier this month in Austin, Texas, to discuss Pollock’s film Stranger Fruit.

Stranger Fruit is a documentary about what happened to Mike Brown, told through the eyes of those closest to him, including his father, Michael Brown Sr. Pollock delivers an in-depth look at the facts of Mike Brown’s case in an effort unravel the full story of what happened on Aug. 9, 2014, when then-Ferguson, Mo., Police Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Brown.


The documentary brought to light the never-seen-before security footage of Brown that Ferguson police deemed “not relevant.”


That video appears to prove that Brown was not involved in a strong-arm robbery as previously stated by police. Law-enforcement officials have often cited the robbery as part of the justification for Wilson’s actions, saying that the officer knew that Brown fit the description of a robbery suspect.

Watch our interview from SXSW above.

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