Watch: Let’s All Approach 2018 the Way This Atlanta Hawks Fan Approached This Half-Court Shot

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YouTube screenshot

It’s easy to believe that hitting a shot from half-court is just a setup for embarrassment. It’s one chance to sink a 47-foot shot, so no one would be judgmental if the person picked during the halftime segment of an NBA game walked onto the court and proceeded to just talk trash and shoot the shot underhanded.


In fact, the whole setup—the chance of someone actually hitting a half-court shot—feels like one of those sociology-course activities where everyone is told that they are going to run a race and then the answers to the questions, which usually have to do with everyone’s socioeconomic upbringing, determine how much of a head start they get in said race. It’s one of those activities that try to firmly illustrate white privilege; that’s how the half-court shot feels.

Well, don’t tell any of this shit to Norman. Because Norman doesn’t give a shit that the cards are stacked against him or that he’s shooting at a small-ass basket from 47 feet away, because Norman has the faith of a mustard seed.

See, Norman, an Atlanta Hawks fan, is out here claiming his life and his money. Norman was snatched out of the stands to hit one half-court shot “for ten thousand bucks, a two-night stay at a penthouse suite and dinner for two at a four-star steakhouse,” Yahoo! Sports reports.

The host asked, “Have you ever made a shot like this before, Norman?”

“All the time,” he replied.

And then this happened:

May we all approach the new year like Norman.

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Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


“Have you ever made a shot like this?”

“All the time!”

And like a pimp he drains it.