Watch James Comey Spill All the Tea Here

Eric Thayer/Getty Images
Eric Thayer/Getty Images

Like Trump Impeachment Christmas or Nerd Super Bowl, the day has finally arrived. Ex-FBI Director James Comey is set to testify before members of Congress as to what went on behind the scenes with President Donald Trump and his on-again, on-again girlfriend, Mother Russia.


Hopefully, Comey won’t hold anything back, and hopefully, he will be more forthcoming than the four intel chiefs, who basically said nothing during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing Wednesday. If you can’t watch it, don’t worry; The Root’s political editor, Jason Johnson, will be live-tweeting the whole messy thing here.

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I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Lindsey Graham was already saying yesterday that Comey’s pre-release testimony basically let the president off the hook. And Trump’s lawyer was saying how it completely exonerated him.

Obviously both sources are biased, but the point is that it really doesn’t matter what Comey says, the republicans and their base aren’t going to do shit.

“Trump did cocaine off an underage male prostitute in the Kremlin in exchange for promising to dismantle NATO? You have video evidence as well as the written contract with his signature?

Well what he does in private is his business...”