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Watch: Have We Been Lied to About Drugs?

Should all drugs be decriminalized? Is tobacco more addictive than crack cocaine? Are we being misinformed so that the “war on drugs” can stay alive? The controversial neuroscientist Carl Hart, who has been researching drug use and addiction for more than 25 years, shares drug facts vs. drug myths. He is the author of High Price: A Neuroscientist’s Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society.


Video Producer @ The Root

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Das, evil rabbit and obnoxious (half)german

I think that this is sort of why programs like D.A.R.E. massively failed... They so over-exaggerated the damaging effects of drugs that a lot of kids assumed that everything they said was a lie, which probably contributed to skyrocketing addiction rates amongst young people at least a bit.

Maybe we should legalize all drugs. The number of people who would overdose can’t possibly be higher than the death toll of the War on Drugs. It can’t possibly ruin more lives than our draconian drug laws have. The system we have now isn’t working, though, that’s for certain.