Watch: Grown Ass Cop Pepper Spray, Beat and Arrest Black Teen for Allegedly Taking a Defensive Stance

Boward County Deputy shown here using pepper spray on a 15-year-old boy.
Boward County Deputy shown here using pepper spray on a 15-year-old boy.
Screenshot: News7Miami

Thank god for cellphones.

Not that they seem to matter much in the courts or even in the court of public opinion, but when history looks back on this videoed generation of state-sanctioned violence against minorities, at least all of it will be documented.


On Thursday, a little before 3 p.m., a bunch of teens reportedly gathered outside of a McDonald’s near the JP Taravella High School to watch a fight between two high schoolers, but they ended up watching a grown ass cop beat, pepper spray and arrest a teen for allegedly taking a defensive stance towards him.

According to 7News Miami, Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call about a disturbance outside of the McDonald’s. Officers can be seen telling the kids to leave. At one point, one teen turns towards the officer who is standing less than a few inches away from the kid. The officer then pepper sprays the 15-year-old child in the face, and as the kid turns to walk away, the same officer grabs the kid by his backpack and bodyslams him to the ground and can be seen bashing his head into the pavement and punching him.

“What are you doing?! He’s bleeding!” a witness could be heard yelling in the video.

Jordan Payne, a concerned witness, told the news station that the deputy went way too far.

“Is that a fair way to treat a 13, 14-year-old, however old he may be? That’s a grown man,” said Payne. “You can’t treat a little kid like that. Come on, now. Punching him while he’s on the floor? At that point, you already had him detained. Why go further?”

However, the BSO deputy seen in the video claimed that the child stepped back in a defensive manner and reminded him of the number of officers who’ve been injured by defensive manners.


The officer who reportedly is not only a body language specialist but a Precog whose life was played out in Minority Report knew in that moment his life was in danger and had to take the child down, despite the fact that the child had already been pepper sprayed, didn’t appear to be resisting arrest and was walking away from the grown man officer and didn’t have anything even remotely appearing to be a weapon, except for a book bag which could have been filled with....books, which are heavy.

The officers arrested the boy and another kid. A third teen was transported to a local hospital for evaluation after pepper spray was used, News7 reports.


“This family is very upset as to what happened to him, and to see this video all over the TV and to see how he was treated,” said the teen’s attorney Richard Della Fera, who added that the family struggled watching the teen come to court wearing handcuffs and leg shackles. “The young boy, we’re gonna get him out of custody, and we’re gonna see what he needs medically.”

The teen was released to his family, but not before getting a stern warning from the judge.


“I’m gonna release you to your mother. You understand?” he ordered. “No return to where this occurred. You understand that? And don’t be out with that group of kids. Use your proper discretion, young man.”

The judge also should have added don’t turn towards white men or look them in the eye while living in Florida, especially ones who are paid by the government to protect and serve people that don’t look like you.


Oh and get this, the beaten teen who committed the grave and potentially deadly sin of reckless eyeballing a white police officer was charged with aggravated assault.

“I think it was outrageous,” said Fera. “I think anybody in this community who looks at this video would say the same thing.”


However, the judge downgraded the charge.

“The judge correctly noted that this young man did not commit an aggravated assault on an officer,” said Fera.


The teen faces trespassing and resisting arrest without violence charges, and BSO deputies are now investigating the incident.

They have not issued a statement.

I hate everything.

Warning: The video is below. It may make you want to break shit.

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the BSO deputy seen in the video claimed that the child stepped back in a defensive manner

Had I ever heard the term, I might have guessed that “stepping back in a defensive manner” was semantically equivalent to “disengaging and retreating,” but I haven’t saved up enough boxtops to send in for my for official-doubletalk decoder ring yet.

Probably should also pay separate postage and handling for the X-ray-vision glasses so I can see something other than a kid standing flatfooted with his arms at his sides while a cop pepper-sprays him right in the face at very close range.