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Florida mom sends two carjackers running after they attempted to steal her car with her two children in the backseat.
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On Monday around 10 p.m., a Florida mother had a quick decision to make. She had just pulled into a gas station when two armed thieves attempted to steal her car. What the carjackers may not have known is that the woman’s two kids were still in the backseat. As the mother left the car to pump gas, one of the men jumped in the front seat of her vehicle. The mom quickly ran back to her car and pulled the armed man from her car.

Surveillance video from the gas station shows the would-be carjackers running from the no-nonsense mom.


“She’s able to drag him out of the car while the other one on the other side runs away like a coward,” Sergeant Carl Zogby told Local 10.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez, 17, and Nicholas Rosado, 19, and the reported getaway driver, Rebecca Utria, 21, were arrested five minutes after the carjacking attempt when Utria crashed the car she was driving. Police told Local 10 that Gonzalez and Rosado both allegedly confessed to their role in the attempted carjacking.

According to the news station, “Rosado is being held in jail in lieu of $10,000 bail and Utria faces a higher bond, since she was allegedly fleeing from police while driving the getaway car. Gonzalez remains in juvenile detention.”

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