Donald Trump hosts Saturday Night Live
NBC Screenshot

The debate over Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's role as host of Saturday Night Live was, well, livelier than the actual event.

He appeared as the show's host despite protests by Hispanic groups, who called on NBC to yank the real estate mogul from the program over racist comments he made about illegal Mexican immigrants, including calling them "rapists."


A group known as DeportRacism.com offered $5,000 to anyone willing to disrupt Trump's appearance on SNL, but the only taker appeared to be comedian Larry David, who called Trump "racist" off camera.

"Larry, what are you doing?" Trump asked.

"I heard if I yelled that they'd give me $5,000," David explained.

Trump demurred: "As a businessman, I can fully respect that."

The comedian also reprised his role as Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in a sketch that mocked the format of forums, in which cameras zoomed in on the faces of black audience members.

During his appearance, Trump spouted his usual stump speech, where he promised it would be "something special" if voters elect him president. He joked that he took time from his campaign to make the appearance because he "had nothing better to do." In addition, he appeared in a sketch where he mean-tweeted cast members.

Drake's hilarious dance from the video for his hit "Hotline Bling" also made an appearance in a sketch on the show, where the musical guest was Sia.

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