Footage from viral Mother Jones video depicting civil-rights-era protesters being abused while Donald Trump “narrates”
Facebook screenshot

When Donald Trump talks about the “good old days” of how protesters were treated, he jokes about them being taken out on stretchers or being ripped out of their seats. But there’s nothing funny about how civil rights protesters were violated in the 1960s as they fought to end Jim Crow in the South.

They were beaten, harassed and even killed as they fought against racism and discrimination.


Posted on Facebook by Mother Jones, a video that went viral last week shows what it really looked like in the “good old days” when protesters were mistreated and manhandled. Created by Marianne DeMarco, the video shows violence inflicted upon young men and women at the lunch counter sit-ins in Greensboro, N.C., and Jackson, Miss., as well as the arrests and beatings that took place at segregation protests in Montgomery, Ala., including the beating of Freedom Rider Jim Peck. The harrowing footages rolls while rhetoric from Trump’s political rallies “narrates” what’s going on.

Watch the disturbing video below:

Editor’s note: This article originally erroneously attributed the video to Mother Jones. The video was posted to Facebook by Mother Jones but created by Marianne DeMarco.

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