Kianga Mwamba

A Baltimore woman has successfully retrieved intense footage that she says she captured of Baltimore City police making an arrest, which led to her being cursed at and tasered, WJZ reports.

The video below includes NSFW language.

In March, Mwamba said she stopped while driving home when she saw police officers arresting a man who was in handcuffs and on the ground.

The police told her, “You can record, but you have to park your car,” she told WJZ. “Somebody slammed on top of my car and then they just rushed my car.”

She claims that officers used a stun gun on her back as they dragged her from her car. “This can’t be happening,” she recalled thinking. “Police, we’re supposed to be able to trust them, and I didn’t do nothing wrong.”

At one point a male voice is heard on the video calling her “a dumb bitch.”

“I couldn’t believe he was talking to me that way,” Mwamba added. “I want him to be charged, and I want him to understand what he did to me was wrong.”


Baltimore City police have issued a statement declaring that the video “does not capture enough information to draw a definitive conclusion about what transpired before and during the arrest. What is clear is that the language used is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

Mwamba was arrested and charged with felony assault on an officer following the incident, with an officer claiming in a statement of possible cause that she accelerated in her vehicle and attempted to hit an officer who was telling her to stop.

“I asked Mrs. Mwamba to step out the vehicle, but she refused and held tight to the steering wheel,” the officer wrote.


Since then, however, the charges have been dropped, and her attorney insists that those actions are not evident in the video. “If this video was not able to be preserved, she could have been in prison right now,” attorney Joshua Insley told the news station.

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