Watch: Atlanta’s Brian Tyree Henry’s Emmy Mixtape

The first black actor Brian Tyree Henry saw on television was Jasmine Guy, in A Different World. Henry was absolutely enamored.


Decades later, the idea that Henry might be the first black actor some children are seeing on television means the world to him. “Representation is really key, because I don’t think I’d be anywhere near where I am if I didn’t see people like me,” Henry says.

We probably know him best for his role as Paper Boi from the hit series Atlanta, but the brother’s got range. He had his big break on Broadway in the Tony Award-winning play The Book of Mormon, and he’s nominated for an Emmy, y’all! This time Henry was recognized for his guest spot on NBC’s This Is Us.


Ahead of the Emmy Awards on Sept. 17, The Root sat down with Henry to hear what would be on a perfectly crafted Emmy mixtape.

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From “This Is Us,” to “Vice Principals,” to “Atlanta” there is nothing I don’t love about this man.