Shepard Smith

Fox News anchorman Shepard Smith has run out of ways to tell Floridians to evacuate Florida. During a broadcast Thursday, the veteran broadcaster noted that if Hurricane Matthew changed course, many would die.

"This moves 20 miles to the west, and you and everyone you know are dead—all of you—because you can’t survive it," Smith said during his doomsday prediction. "It’s not possible unless you’re very, very lucky. And your kids die, too."


Shortly after Smith made those remarks, a friend of his, Dolores Berhalter, who lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., called the anchorman to say that she wasn't evacuating and was hopeful the storm wouldn't be too bad.


"They were hopeful in South Miami-Dade and Kendall and Homestead back when [Hurricane] Andrew [hit in 1992]," Smith said. "They were very, very hopeful—until they were dead," he deadpanned.

He added: "Hope is not a strategy, Dolores! Why didn’t you come up and visit us for the weekend?"


Some on social media found Smith's blunt death predictions to be refreshing, but many weren't amused.

"What is wrong with Fox News? Seriously stop fearmongering like this … being safe is one thing, this isn't OK," one viewer wrote, while another tweeted: "Fox News' irresponsible journalism personified by Shep Smith's hurricane coverage."


Hurricane Matthew has already killed more than 250 people in Haiti, CNN reports.

Watch my man Shep give it to you straight:


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