Screenshot of Muhammad Ali during an interview in 1971.
UKTV screenshot via YouTube

Muhammad Ali had a lot of classic moments. Enough for several lifetimes. As we mourn his passing, let’s take a look at 10 televised moments when the original “Greatest of All Time” mingled with TV hosts and entertainers, always keeping it sweet, keeping it blunt, keeping it funny and keeping it real.

1. The always blunt Ali ponders the “whiteness” of the world.

2. Can black celebrities come together to help the black community? Ali thinks so.

3. While he loved a good fight, he didn’t necessarily think it was for everyone.


4. Ali sings? Ali sings!


5. Ali executes an excellent flop for this baby he’s boxing.

6. Hearing a song from his own movie, sung to him by another GOAT? Ali’s into it.


7. Ali for president? Dustin Hoffman thought so.


8. Who’s the better Ali? Will Smith as Ali or Ali as Ali? Ali knows the answer. It’s Ali. Always Ali.

9. If you like Lola Falana, you’ll like her even more when you add some Ali to the mix.


10. If Rocky had fought Ali, there probably wouldn’t have been any sequels.