The president of Washington State University’s chapter of the College Republicans is crying foul after he was photographed participating in the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., claiming that he is being unfairly maligned.


This waste of space ... but really, listen. It gets better.

James Allsup, the leader of this group of College Republicans, acknowledged that he was at the Unite the Right rally but claimed that he attended in a media capacity, adding that the organizer unexpectedly asked him to make a few remarks, according to KREM.


Allsup was identified through a photo that was posted to the #GoodNightAltRight Twitter campaign, which circulated photos of white supremacists who flocked to Charlottesville to protest the removal of a Confederate statue. His photo was also circulated by the Twitter account @YesYoureRacist on Saturday night.

Allsup, however, told Channel 2 that he was being smeared and that those who outed him for what he was had “no proof” that he was racist.

“They have no proof that I’m a racist,” Allsup said. “They are slandering me and that I’m racist without evidence because I talk about history and I talk about American politics.”


Yes, James, because agreeing to speak at a hate-fueled event where white supremacists showed their whole asses certainly isn’t damning.


Nonetheless, Allsup voiced his disagreement with the violence that took place.

“I think it’s terrible that anyone had to lose their life. I think that’s awful,” Allsup said.


Then this dude had the nerve to compare these white supremacists to the Black Panthers, saying that although he disagreed with the hate symbols, like the swastika, that were seen at the event, individuals had the right to free speech.

“I would even say the same for the Black Panthers,” Allsup said. “If you’re going to peacefully organize an event and peacefully go to the event, I think you should have the right to speak.”


Like ... can you just not?

According to KREM, Allsup identifies as a “paleoconservative” (is that a new diet?) or a “right-wing libertarian” and believes that “alt-right” is a slur.


Oh my, poor baby. Are his feewings hurt because people used the bad word, “alt-right”? I cannot, y’all.

What is the male equivalent of a Becky? Because I swear this is it.

Read more at KREM. 

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