Washington State Bar Manager Brutally Attacked While Defending Black Bartender From Racist Customers

KHQ screenshot
KHQ screenshot

A Spokane, Wash., bar manager is recovering from his injuries after he was attacked last week in his establishment while trying to remove two customers he said were hurling racial slurs.


“Right away, when they came in, they were dropping the n-word,” Jade Cardwell, who was managing Barracho’s the night of Dec. 5, told news station KHQ. “We have a black bartender we just employed. We weren’t having it. We wanted them gone.”

Cardwell said that he asked the pair to leave, but he soon became their target instead.

“I have a man bun; he smacked my man bun,” Cardwell added. “He wanted to challenge me outside. Normally when that happens, we allowed them to go outside and then try to shut the door behind them.”

However, the two men pulled Cardwell out by the shirt.

“One of them ripped my hair out, ripped my shirt,” he said. “It escalated over toward their car.”

Cardwell said that one of the men pulled out a knife. He was hit so badly in the face that his nose was broken and he had to go in for surgery.

Spokane police did respond to the incident but did not catch the suspects, who had fled. Cardwell gave authorities pictures of the suspects from the bar’s security cameras.


“It’s the language they used that really bothers me,” he said of the whole incident.

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Props to the guy for standing up.

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