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A Kent, Wash., man was arrested pending an investigation of disorderly conduct after he allegedly called a 6-year-old black child a “monkey” and threw a rock at the boy as he walked past the man’s home, the Kent Reporter reports.

The incident reportedly occurred the evening of April 4. Officers arrived at the man’s home to find a small group of people, mostly black, congregated outside, the police report reads, according to the news site.


According to the report, a grandmother claimed that she was walking past the man’s residence with her three grandkids, including the 6-year-old, when the man yelled, “I don’t know what to call you people, gooks or monkeys.”

The grandmother and the children’s mother confronted the man later and he continued his slur-ridden verbal assault, according to the report.

The Kent Reporter says that the man claimed that he was throwing the rock at a dog to keep it out of his yard. He also told police that he did not use any racial slurs. An officer said that the man appeared to be intoxicated when he spoke to officers.

The authorities noted that this is not the first time this particular individual has been at the center of complaints. There have been noise complaints about loud music, and officers also have responded to a domestic incident at the house, according to the news site.


Read more at the Kent Reporter.

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