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In an entry at his Field Negro blog, Wayne Bennett weighs in on Barry Bonds' Hall of Fame lockout by sportswriters. Bennett maintains that it's unfair that he, as a fan, has to live with the self-appointed morality police denying recognition to the man who gave him the greatest baseball memories of his lifetime.

I need to rant a little bit about the latest outrage in American sports: the dissing of Barry Bonds by baseball writers who vote to admit former major league baseball players into the baseball Hall of Fame. (Only three guys who died in the thirties will get in this time.) 36%??!! You have got to be kidding me!

Why, exactly, isn't the greatest baseball player of our generation not a first ballot Hall of Famer? But field, he used steroids, he was a one of the main players in what is being called the "Steroid Era" of baseball.

Oh Please! 

I am sick of selective outrage and retroactive moralizing by these clowns who get to vote. (BTW, 36 voters voted to leave Jackie Robinson out of the Hall, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised at what this fraternity of dunces does with the power given to them by baseball.)  

Barry Bonds was a great player before the so called "Steroids Era", and when he allegedly started juicing he became superhuman. He would have been a first ballot hall of famer before he allegedly stuck the first Victor Conte needle in his ass. So what's the problem? If everyone else around him was juicing where is the competitive advantage? Do you really believe that Roger Clemens was the only pitcher allegedly juicing at the time? If you do, I have a wonderful antique bell with a slight crack on the side here in Philadelphia to sell you. 


Read Wayne Bennett's entire blog entry at the Field Negro.

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